My Incubator Ventures: The Visual Communications Book

Using words, drawings and whiteboards to sell big ideas

The Visual Communications BookBusiness advisor Liza Armstrong from our
client My Incubator Ventures reviews ‘The Visual Communications Book’ for
B2B Marketing

The art of visual communication is nothing new, but yet very few of us have been fortunate enough to be trained on how to communicate effectively with pictures, graphs, charts, maps and shapes. The visual communications book cleverly sets out how to remedy this.

Edwards is excellent in his discussions of PowerPoint: I have, on many occasions, found myself guilty of thinking that a PowerPoint presentation littered with text, was a visual aid. This book shows us that there is another, more effective way of showing and not just telling.

I like this book as it is perfect for dipping in and out of when in need of ideas, not just because of its size (it is almost pocket size), but also because it has clearly denoted concepts, which are afforded a page or two each. From the Venn diagram to emoticons, this book prompts the reader to use the right tool for the right job. Edwards also draws our attention to universally understood visuals and conventions, always reminding us to think, ‘Who is our audience?’ We are shown how even the most complex of projects can be conveyed simply with words, images and shapes.

Edwards, who has a professional background in sales and leadership, furnishes us with multiple examples throughout the book of how visual tools can be used in both internal and external communications. I would recommend this book to any B2B marketer as it will expand the range of tools you can use in order to engage with your target market and provide maximum leverage when involved in negotiations. It is also an insightful book for managers and trainers.