My Incubator Ventures: How to stand out


How to stand out

Business advisor Shirley Davies from our client My Incubator Ventures reviews ‘How To Stand Out: Proven tactics for getting noticed’ for B2B Marketing

Every now and then you can stumble across a book which is a little gem and you know you will go back to it time and time again. How to stand out – Proven tactics for getting noticed by Rob Yeung is just one of those. It could be described as a self-help book and yet it is so much more.

What makes it different? It’s the fact that it doesn’t suggest that if you apply its techniques, you will become an overnight success; nor does it make promises that cannot be backed up. Instead, it gives lots of advice, exercises, tips and techniques to help you, the reader, understand yourself better and if you understand yourself better, then you can begin to make changes.

It’s written in an easy-to-read style and concentrates on four distinct areas. These are boosting self-belief and debunking the confidence con; understanding body language and nonverbal communication; winning with words; and driving performance through passion. Yeung doesn’t just spout forth, he reinforces his message with current relevant examples from people you are all likely to know, or at least, have heard about.

The real appeal is that it doesn’t claim you will change overnight on the strength of reading this book. But it does offer lots of suggestion, tips and techniques so that you can try to see what works for you. Once you have established that, you can gradually implement the changes and start to be the one who actually does stand out.

My advice – keep it somewhere handy and re-read it, especially if you are going for that all important job interview, you want to win that sale, you are seeking promotion or are asked to do some public speaking.